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Month: August 2019

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Cyber security + Global news Karan / August 8, 2019

New Intel CPU Vulnerability: Spectre V3?

Intel 10th Gen Processor Researchers from Bitdefender have reported that they have found a flaw in Intel CPUs that affects all modern Intel CPUs, potentially letting hackers access private information of the victims, both home and enterprise users. We demonstrate a new type of side-channel attack based on speculative execution ...

Cyber security Karan / August 6, 2019

Command Injection in KDE Plasma 4/5

KDE Plasma 5.15 – On July 28th 2019, Dominik Penner (@zer0pwn) released a vulnerability on GitHub which exploits the Desktop Environment Plasma by KDE. Using a specially crafted .desktop file a remote user could be compromised by simply downloading and viewing the file in their file manager, or by ...